Approval Portal

What if I modify a request that is already completed?

You can modify a request that has already been completed just like you do with pending requests. In some cases, however, you will need someone from the approval list to review that request again.

Modified by budget approvers

If you are a budget approver, Communicart will notify users of changes you make to completed requests. However, we still treat the process as complete.

Changes by other users that require re-approval

If you are the person who submitted the request or a tier approver, you will need another budget review for any of these changes:

When you submit one of these modifications, approvers will get two emails. The first will tell them the request was modified. The second will request review of the new version of the request.

Decreasing the purchase amount

Decreasing the purchase amount does not require another review. The budget approver will receive a notification that you made a change. When you modify, Communicart will send an email to let them know.