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Can I get purchase request emails to show up in my inbox differently from my other incoming email?

Yes. You’ll need to set up a filter in Gmail.

First, select the C2 request messages to filter.

  1. Enter the following into the search bar at the top of your inbox:
  2. Click the More button in the menu above the search results. In the pull-down menu, click Create filter.
  3. A box will open with in the From field. Click Create filter with this search ».
  4. Now the box will show you some different ways you can choose to filter C2 emails.

Next, choose the filters you want.

You can apply each of these when you need it, or all at once. Gmail offers other filters, as well, but these four can help organize your purchase requests.

Apply a label to all request emails so you can find them together

  1. Check the box for Apply the label:.
  2. Click the Choose label... button and select New label.... Choose any label you want, but make sure it’s distinct. We recommend C2 requests.

As soon as you finalize your filters, you can see all request emails together by clicking C2 requests in the left-hand menu (where you already see Inbox, Sent Mail, and Drafts).

Move request emails out of your inbox

  1. Do not use this filter unless you are applying a label to your requests. If you don’t set up a label before applying this filter, you will not get any notification that you have new requests.
  2. Choose the label you want to use.
  3. Check the box for Skip the Inbox (Archive It).

Forward all requests to someone

  1. Set an email address to receive forwarded messages before you try to create this filter. You can do this under Settings (click the gear icon in the upper right of your inbox).
  2. After setting up a forwarding address, go back and select the messages you want to filter.
  3. Check the Forward it to box. Choose the email address where you want requests to go.

Stop requests from being marked spam

  1. First, if this is happening, let us know! We’ll check to see if something on our end is making this happen.
  2. In the meantime, check the box for Never send it to Spam.

Finally, apply the filters you chose.

If you want your filter to apply to messages you already have, check the box for “Also apply filters to X matching conversations”. We recommend this.

When you’re done with your choices, click Create filter. You have to complete this step for your filters to work.

That’s it. You can edit your filters at any time by going to Settings under the gear icon and choosing the Filters and Blocked Addresses tab.

Google offers more information about using filters if you want to use them for emails other than C2 requests.