Approval Portal

How does someone who is not a requester or approver follow the progress of a request?

If someone who isn’t currently involved in a request needs to stay up to date on its progress, you should add them as an observer. This could be a manager, someone whose work is waiting on the request to go through, or another GSA staffer.

Anyone who is currently involved in the request can add an observer.

To add an observer:

  1. Go to the detail page for the request.
  2. On the details page, scroll down to the Observers section.
  3. Choose or type the address of the person you want to add. If C2 recognizes the email address, the Add an Observer button will turn blue.
  4. Click that button. The new observer will get an email explaining that they will now receive updates about this request.

If C2 does not recognize the email address, you won’t be able to add that observer. Instead, consider leaving a comment that asks an approver to let the person know when the request is complete. If you don’t get confirmation that the approver will do so, be sure to let the person know yourself.